Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Legal Marketers & Entrepreneurs

In the spirit of a tradition bestowed to me  by my Tuskegee Airman, Freedom Fighter, College Professor Dad – Arthur C. Smith, who annually said,  “All Black People should be working TWICE as hard on MLK’s birthday…” I’m spending my day  supporting attorneys in the development of their firms.

I can’t think of a more befitting form of self-expression of my admiration and commitment to humanity. Even as a very little girl, I remember my dad’s teachings and the sound of Martin Luther King’s voice resonating through our living room. I distinctly recall how incredibly privileged I was to have a family around me who loved me so much.

Growing up, my parents made sure I had friends from across the globe from every imaginable faith, and ethnicity — yes, the little person in pink & gray is me!

My mom, Valerie Moultrie, reading at Parent's Day - Oak Lane Day Schoool, Blue Bell, PA - 1966

Mom, Valerie Moultrie, reading to my nursery school class, at Oak Lane Day School in Blue Bell, PA - 1966

I quickly realized how strong and huge hearted my parents were and that they worked along with their friends and Martin Luther King to create our incredible United States as I know it. True – we have much work to do as humans in the realm of communication, compassion and cohesiveness. I am the last one to “sugar coat” anything!

I invite you to revisit Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech today — and allow yourself to be moved. I’ve no doubt his words will inspire you to continue manifest your dreams and serve those that matter most to you.

Our nation’s acknowledgement of Martin Luther King’s Birthday and the wonderful honor bestowed on The Tuskegee Airman — provides us all with an opportunity to remember the past and see how incredibly far we have come! Many, Many Blessings and Much Joy to you today as you celebrate human-kind!

Kara works with legal marketers and small to mid-size business to create a more clearly defined focus and distinctive business strategy that will provide them with a competitive advantage for new business, higher reputation recognition, and enhance their ability to attract, win, and retain the clients they really want.

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