Legal Marketers & Business Owners, Do You Know What Quality SEO – REALLY Means?

Google is enacting a new algorithm that is going to penalize over-optimized content.  As a communications professional who has been actively blogging for more than 6-years now, I’ve been wondering when Google was going to put their foot down.


I, like many online content writers have spent countless hours writing content that our readers find valuable; not to mention the attentive nurturing it takes to comment, connect and cultivate the online relationships we develop,  into invaluable professional and personal friendships. Over the years, I found it unnerving to think that businesses with an abundance of money could “Out Do” me online with their multitude of unscrupulous links – many of which were not generated from  authentic content.

Google has changed the playing field and we are in the midst of a new day.  I say, “Allelujah”!

Last week, at SXSW, Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s search spam team, announced that Google developed a new tweak to its algorithm that will punish sites that are too optimized for SEO.

In a recent Hubspot article, Matt explains the changes in this way….

“trying to make the algorithm more adaptive,” or being more understanding of sites that have good content even if it isn’t search engine optimized like many marketers have learned to do. The sites that will be penalized are those that “throw too many keywords on the page, exchange way too many links, whatever they’re doing to go beyond what a normal person would expect.”

Read the article in it’s entirety on Hubspot

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