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Over the last few weeks, I’ve had some fascinating conversations with J.R. Hunn and have grown very fond of him, which is why you’re hearing about him now…

We’re talking a great deal about finance, our fast shifting world economic status and managing debt.  No doubt you know that these conversations can be overwhelming for many of us to comprehend, let alone actually work with effectively on a personal level.

J.R. has the uncanny ability to give fresh perspective to all of these concepts and situations and provide solutions that are exceedingly easy to comprehend.

More importantly, he shares his knowledge empathetically and has a great sense of humor, which just makes life in general more manageable, and a heck of a lot more fun for those around him.

Growth & decay are constantly happening.  Expansion / Contraction — change is always happening. Some people benefit more than others from any given change.  Learning to benefit from change makes a difference.

The distinction is the magnitude of the changes that are happening now,  The growth is going to be bigger than the rise of the U.S. or Soviet Union.  Collapse is going to be bigger — A really big magnitude shift.

The economic distinction is the size of the shift.   Commitment to benefit from changes is one possible commitment.  Commitment to growth is another.

J.R. Hunn

We shot a very funny video together on the historical impact of oil and the strength of political systems.  Off-camera, this was my first time playing full out with J.R. and we had a ball!

It’s a marathon of jokes, and I literally fell off my chair from laughing so hard.  We’ll be fine tuning as we create more, so stay tuned.

A Brief History of Oil

J.R. consults people on creating financial shelters and prudently manages the assets within the shelters and settles & negotiates debt and prefers to work with people who shelter their finances before they settle their debts.

For some background on the term The DominOil Effect, see J.R’s 2004 article, “…The REAL US Deficit: Oil,” For his more recent research and analysis, see his blog, http://jrfibonacci.wordpress.com/.


Looking forward to your thoughts!

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