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I am proud to announce that this blog has become part of Alltop!  You can find the  Karasma Media Legal Marketing Blog at http://law.alltop.com/

Featured in Alltop

What is Alltop you may ask?

Alltop is a news aggregation site that provides “all the top” stories for forty of the most popular topics on the Web.  The headlines and first paragraph of the five most recent stories from forty to eighty sources for each topic are displayed, and the stories are refreshed approximately every ten minutes.

They gather together the best suggestions from the most active social web users and compiles links into a simple, clean discovery space.

When Guy Kawasaki launched  Alltop last year, Chris Shipley, the chairman of the  Guidewire Group and executive producer of DEMO stated, “For many, Alltop will replace their RSS readers.”.

A good metaphor is that Alltop is an “online magazine rack” that displays the news from the top publications and blogs. Our goal is to satisfy the information needs of the 99% of Internet users who will never use an RSS feed reader or create a custom page. Think of it as “aggregation without the aggravation.

Guy Kawaski – Alltop Founder

One of Alltop’s most impressive attributes is that it curates and organizes.  So, I’m very proud to be listed beside some other wonderful law blogs.  Do take a few minutes to look-see.  You can create your own individual “Front-Page” stories for yourself!

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Kara works with legal marketers to create a more clearly defined focus and distinctive business strategy that will provide them with a competitive advantage for new business, higher reputation recognition, and enhance their ability to attract, win, and retain the clients they really want.
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