Things To Do Before Planning To Prepare Your RV, Camper, Or Travel Trailer For Transport

When it is about transporting your RV, travel trailer, or camper, safety should be the priority. You cannot just load your RV and expect that the transportation would be safe.

There could be many reasons for shipping your trailer. You might have just bought it and are looking for the means to drive it yourself. Maybe, you are moving and hence, need to transport your trailer to the new location. Maybe you are preparing for a cross-country tour.

Whatever, might be the reason, you need to choose a reliable transport company that has a team of licensed and insured driving professionals with enough expertise to safely transport your RV to the desired location. They should use specialized equipment and the latest techniques for transportation adhering to the rules of the US Department of Transportation. Therefore, look for the best company that suits your needs.

Looking for the best transport company

Your search for the best transport company for shipping your RV, camper or trailer would end with Ship A Car, Inc. which is a reliable and safe vehicle shipping company and transports any kind of vehicle across the US.

The company has a team of highly skilled transport professionals who have been providing the highest level of vehicle and freight transportation services to all their customers, whether big or small. They offer seamless experience right from the initial call for a quote till the delivery of your RV at the final destination.

Call or chat with any of their shipping agents and they have direct access to the largest network of carriers. When you choose this brand, they deliver not only your RV or trailer but also peace of mind.

How are RVs transported?

Shipping company uses different ways to transport your RV to get your vehicle safely to the destination.

  • Flatbed services: This method is used for moving multiple RVs or campers at one time for long distances on huge trucks and flatbed trailers.
  • Tow away services: This method includes special trucks and equipment depending on the type and size of the RV for safe loading and shipping.
  • Driveaway service: This method requires no additional equipment since it involves driving of your RV personally by a driver to the desired location.

Transportation cost

It involves some factors:

  • Size and type of the RV
  • Distance to be covered till the location
  • Condition of RV
  • Weather and demand
  • Fuel price

Preparing your RV for transport

  • Secure all latches, doors, windows, cabinets, chains and remove any loose items
  • Turn off all appliances and disconnect the power supply and gas lines
  • Check the brakes, parking and indicator lights should be functional
  • Check fluid levels for any leakage
  • Secure the hitch and tow bar
  • Check the battery and tire pressure
  • Check for any cracks and wear or tear
  • Get RV shipping insurance and review the policy of the insurance company
  • Check what damages are covered in the policy if your RV is damaged during the transit

A good shipping company will ensure that your RV is transported safely with utmost care. However, the more you plan and document, the better you will be prepared for safe and worry-less RV transportation.

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Molly Oliver

Molly Oliver