Reviewing dentures: A look at pros and cons

Losing your natural teeth could damage your confidence and ability to smile and talk freely with others. Dentures are among the most conventional and effective ways to replace missing teeth. They are removable and come with a unique acrylic base that mimics natural teeth and gums. If you are visiting your Henrico dental office to discuss dentures, take a look at the pros and cons listed below.

The advantages

Firstly, dentures can help improve your smile and restore the facial structure. Once you have replaced the missing teeth with dentures, you can chew and speak better. Because dentures are removable, you can care for and clean them easily, and more importantly, there are no additional concerns related to cavities and gum disease. Dentures are also affordable compared to many other options, such as dental implants. There are two categories of dentures – partial and complete. Full dentures help replace an entire set of missing teeth on one arch, while partial dentures fill the gaps if you are missing a few.

The cons

Dentures can be uncomfortable, and it can take a while to get used to them. Also, dentures never feel like your natural teeth, and as the appliances are removable, they can move around in your mouth, which can be a reason for embarrassment. With dentures, you may have difficulty eating a few foods and must keep up with care and cleanings. Dentures are not permanent, and you have to consider replacing them after a few years. Also, the fit doesn’t remain the same after years of use.

Should you consider dentures?

Your dentist is the best person to answer that question. The good news is most patients do qualify for dentures, even if they have lost significant bone bass. If you are looking for better options, dental implants may work better. Implants are surgically placed inside the jawbone and become a part of your oral structure. You can get replacement teeth in the form of crowns, bridges, or implant-supported dentures. Implant-supported dentures could be removable or fixed, but unlike traditional dentures, these don’t move around in the mouth and will not slip when you talk. For those benefits, implant-supported dentures are better.

Your dentist in Henrico will discuss the costs, benefits, and other concerns before they recommend dentures. You should ensure you have a fair idea of the final outcome. It will take at least two appointments to get your dentures, although you may have to return a few times to get the fit right.