Retail Design Store Tips to Enhance your Store Ambience

If you own a retail outlet, in-store design and layout are a very important part of creating the ideal buying ambience, which is what every retailer is trying to do. If you feel that your in-store design could do with a few improvements, here are some useful tips on how to improve your in-store ambience.

  • Shop Window Dressings – It cannot be overemphasised just how important your shop window is, and whatever arrangement you have, it should be changed every couple of months, which holds the interest of your regular customers.


  • Make Good Use of Stickers – Many retailers do not use stickers enough and these handy items can be custom designed, with a label sticker (known as ฉลากสติ๊กเกอร์ in Thai) that is designed with your colours, fonts and graphics. Stickers make for great calls to action, which are designed to persuade the shopper to make a purchase, and it is also possible to create wall stickers that can provide the perfect backdrop to showcase your products.


  • Add Some Natural Greenery – Research tells us that shoppers like to be around nature, and with a few well-placed pot plants, you can add a touch of nature. If you would like some inspiration, simply search online for images of ‘green retail environments’ and you can browse the many exciting images of retail spaces that include some greenery.


  • Background Music – If you don’t have any background music, this is something to consider, as this is one more powerful tool to help you create a warm and inviting ambience that will encourage your customers to spend more time in your store. You can experiment with a few music genres until you find one that works for you.


  • Display Impulse Products at your Check Out – All retail outlets have what are known as ‘impulse buying products’, which people often pick up on impulse, and the best place to display such products is close to your check out.


  • Have the Check Out Area on the Left Side of your Store – Research tells us that 98% of store visitors automatically turn right when they enter a store, which means your check out should be on the left-hand side. Just after the ‘decompression zone’, which is a small area need the store entrance where products are not displayed, you can begin to showcase popular products, while keeping your signage to a level whereby store visitors will not feel confused.


  • Using Technology – There are many ways that you can incorporate technology into your store; you could set up a video screen with a looped file that highlights one or more of your products, or you could create some digital signage, which is a very effective way of keeping people interested. You could also create a few QR codes that when scanned, will lead shoppers to your Facebook or Twitter account, which allows store visitors to be more interactive.


The above are just a few ways that you can improve the general ambience inside your retail store, and with some trial and error, you can quickly turn your store into a place where people like to spend time.